We have a range of services to cater for your fashion needs. Click on the sections below to find out more:

Fashion Photography


Point of sale fashion photography shot on white or neutral toned backgrounds in studio. Multiple angles, zooms and formats to suit your websites requirements.


Creatively shot fashion looks to showcase your designs, shot in a singular location with unique lighting and backgrounds. Studio or Location.


Eye catching and artistic individual images created specifically for websites, emails and flash advertising


Your collections key-looks shot by our head photographer with creative direction and narrative, setting the foundation for your brands identity. Shot on location or in studio. Multiple uses covering a wide range of media. See damiens website for a closer look


We offer a full production service which covers all aspects of your shoot. This includes: model casting, creative team booking/organisation (assistants, stylists, hair and makeup), studio booking and location scouting/reservation.

Still Life Photography

Mannequin and Flat

Your garments shot & styled on a mannequin to show its form and shape either visible (background only removed) or invisible (composed of multiple images to reveal interior of garment). Alternative option is styled and shot flat (photographed from above without mannequin) to show its structure and form.

Ecom Table Top

Small and Medium sized accessories shot from a fixed position on white or neutral background. Multiple angles, zooms and formats to suit your websites requirements.


Artistically photographed still life shot with creative lighting and styling. Ideal for use on email and online banner ads.